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Inappropriate Elimination

This is a common and complex problem for many cat owners. It is more of a problem for multi cat households but can also occur in single cat households. There can be many underlying reasons for your cat to start to exhibit this annoying behaviour and the sooner it is treated the more likely you are to get a good resolution to the problem.

There can be physical and/or behavioural reasons underlying inappropriate elimination. The first step in the right direction is to make an appointment at our clinic so that we can firstly rule out any physical reason for your cat to be peeing all over the house. Sometimes if the cat associates the litter tray with pain he may choose not to use it. It is also handy if you can bring a urine sample in with you. Obtaining a urine sample is not an easy task and often we need to get one from your cat in the clinic via cystocentesis (putting a needle into the bladder and withdrawing a sample). We will also ask many questions about the problem and then decide the best course of treatment for you and your cat.

In any multi cat house the rule of thumb is one litter tray per cat plus one extra.  Some of the underlying things that contribute to a cat peeing outside the litter tray include - arthritis, anal gland pain, change in litter type, stress in the cat’s life, e.g. new baby, new cat, moving house or even a neighbouring cat that is threatening your cat through the windows.

Remember the longer your cat is peeing outside the litter tray the harder the problem is to fix so make an appointment today. If it has been occurring for more than twelve months there may be no guarantee of fixing the problem.

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